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Facts You Need To Know About Calcium

Calcium is an important mineral that is necessary for life. Patients commonly think that calcium is only needed to promote strong healthy bones and teeth, but it is also good to know that calcium plays a vital role in multiple body systems.

Calcium is needed for muscle contractions, it transferring signals from one neuron to another, it help carry substances between the cell wall and is also vital in maintaining the ph balance of blood.

Calcium levels are strictly regulated by the body, the bones are primarily used to store calcium. When the blood becomes acidic or any circumstance that calcium is needed, calcium is slowly released from the bone and reabsorbed again if there is excess calcium.

Calcium supplements are needed to prevent and treat any calcium deficiency. A typical 20 year old adult needs about 1000mg of calcium a day and teenagers who are at a growth spur needs about 1200 mg a day. Medical experts recommend that supplements are taken in with food and is also advised to spread the does taking half the dose in the morning and the other half in the evening, this is to improve calcium absorption.

Mostly, vitamin D is added to calcium supplements. Vitamin D is important since this vitamin is converted into a hormone that synthesizes the production of intestinal proteins, these intestinal protein on the other hand, help in the absorption of calcium in the gut.

There are a lot of food stuffs rich is calcium. Milk is an excellent source of calcium and is easily absorbed. The problem with milk is that a lot of individuals are lactose intolerant.

Soya Milk is a vegetable derived milk rich in protein, calcium is added to meet the required levels.

Coral calcium is another excellent source of calcium. Usually, this is in tablet or powder form, this product really comes from fossilized corals. Coral calcium is made of calcium carbonate and trace minerals.

Coral Calcium

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Our Coral Calcium Complex  formulation is  easy to swallow, readily absorbable, and easy assimilated by the body to help maintain an alkaline pH and encourage good overall health.

It  contains Vitamin D, Calcium (from Coral Calcium Okinawa), Magnesium, Coral Calcium (73 minerals from Coral Calcium).