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Why You Should Take Coral Calcium

Calcium is a chemical element that is abundantly found on the earth’s crust. Sea water is rich with calcium ions and is the 5th most abundant element after sodium, chloride, magnesium and sulfate. Corals take advantage of these calcium-rich waters and form a slimy substance which then hardens to form a solid skeletal calcium frame.

Corals are excellent sources of calcium. Termed as coral calcium, this comes from fossilized corals, then pulverized, sterilized and packed as an alternative and natural calcium supplement. Fossilized corals are actually the dead part of live corals used to produce this type of calcium. Live corals are left alone and actually encouraged to grow or flourish to produce more fossilized corals.

We Need Calcium

As we all know, calcium is needed to keep our bones and teeth strong. Decreased amounts of calcium consumption can lead to osteoporosis, a condition that can cause your bones to become brittle due to bone loss. Thus, it is important to take your recommended amounts of calcium daily.

However, calcium isn’t only for your bones and teeth. Our whole body needs calcium to function properly. Our cells need calcium to transfer nutrients in the cell wall, Calcium is needed to transmit signals between neurons. It is also needed to contract muscles and many more. In fact, our bones function as a storage area for calcium, so whenever some part of our body suddenly needs large amounts of calcium, our body extracts stored calcium from our bones.

Why Coral Calcium

The chemical structure of corals is very similar to the composition human bone. As a matter of fact, surgeons have successfully used corals for bone grafting. Calcium coral is composed primarily of calcium carbonate, with small amounts of magnesium and some trace minerals. Coral calcium is easily absorbed and help maintain an alkaline ph to encourage good health.

Our Coral Calcium Complex  formulation is  easy to swallow, readily absorbable, and easy assimilated by the body to help maintain an alkaline pH and encourage good overall health.

It  contains Vitamin D, Calcium (from Coral Calcium Okinawa), Magnesium, Coral Calcium (73 minerals from Coral Calcium).

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