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Dr. Lam Labs Pain Aid Cream - Camphor

Another effective natural ingredient in Dr. Lam Labs Pain Aid Cream is Camphor.

What is camphor?

Camphor is a waxy, white to transparent substance that is very aromatic and highly flammable. It is extracted from the Cinnamonum camphora tree, a large evergreen tree found in Indonesia, Borneo, Sumatra and other Asian countries. The tree grows very slowly and it takes about 50 years before camphor can be extracted.

Medical Uses of Camphor

There are many medical uses of camphor depending on how it is administered.

Topical - Camphor is easily absorbed through the skin, producing a cool or warm numbing effect to the area applied. The heat and cold sensation that camphor produces is due to the activation of TRPV3 ion channels.

Inhalation – Camphor is the main ingredient of many vapor-stem products for decongestion. Camphor is also used as a cough suppressant.

Oral – Camphor is taken orally in small quantities to treat minor heart problems, increases heart rate, flushing of the skin, reduce appetite, increase secretions, slow breathing and also works as a diuretic.

In large doses camphor (50 to 500 mg/kg taken orally) is toxic. It causes symptoms of irritability, lethargy, muscle spasm, vomiting, stomach cramps, convulsions and seizures. Four grams of camphor is potentially fatal.

Camphor used in food?

History has shown that camphor has been used as an ingredients in sweets during ancient and medieval Europe. In Arabic cookbooks, camphor is used in both savory and sweet dishes.

These days, most Asian countries use camphor as flavoring, particularly in sweets and dessert dishes.

Pain Aid Cream by Dr. Lam Labs, LLC  is naturally formulated and scented, no animal testing is involved. This champion strength pain aid cream relieves and Soothes Pain from muscle and joint aches.

pain aid cream

Naturally formulated and scented. No animal testing.

Relieves and Soothes Pain from muscle and joint aches.

Menthol, camphor, capsicum, ginger, essential oils, kosher, vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, aloe