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Dead Sea Salt Soaks


The waters of the Dead Sea have been known for their therapeutic and beautifying effects.

In addition to the depth of the sea and the air density of the region, the water from the Dead Sea contains a unique chemical composition not found in the normal sea water. Dead Sea salt makes up 27% of the water, as opposed to other bodies of salt water that contain a mere 3% salt.

Regular sea salt is made up of about 80% or 90% sodium, while the Dead Sea salt only contains around 10%. The rest of Dead Sea salt is extremely rich in minerals and it is the high mineral content that
results in many of the benefits Dead Sea salt provides.

To be used as an adjunct for the treatment of fungal feet and nails.

Soak your feet or hands in luke warm water with a capful of the dead sea salt.  Soothes your skin and helps to loosen unwanted organisms from your skin.